Termites treatments


A conventional liquid termiticide application consists of drilling, chemically treating and patching all interior and exterior perimeter concrete, as well as treating the exterior soil adjacent to the home’s foundation.

A bait monitor program consists of installing strategically placed monitors around the exterior perimeter of the home. Periodic inspections of the monitors is performed and any showing signs of subterranean termite activity are replaced with active bait. The covered structure should be fully inspected by the pest control company on an annual basis in order to detect any possible activity. If activity is present, depending on the bait monitor product installed, liquid treatment may be performed to the affected areas of the building in order to assist in control.

Another option for treatment is offered for some structure’s which show no evidence of interior termite activity. This would be a complete exterior perimeter liquid termiticide treatment, which is much less invasive than a conventional application.

In addition to the above outlined treatment options, there are other tools and techniques available, some of which include foams and gel baits. Feel free to call our offices today to schedule a FREE termite inspection of your home or offices.

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