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Take those trashcans out of your garage and put them outside with lids on them so you do not attract rodents and small animals to your home. In addition, rodents will eat birdseed and grass seed. If you must store these items, do so in containers with lids to minimize a possible food source.


Wood destroying insects, such as Carpenter Ants nesting in your home, will continue to do so if moisture is available year round. Make sure there are no leaks in your roof, or moisture around your windows, which not only attracts but also maintains a colony of these wood destroying pests.


Subterranean Termites start swarming in Spring. To lower the attraction of these wood destroying insects to your home, get the firewood pile away from your home’s exterior foundation. Rake back mulch about two to three feet, divert water accumulation away from the house, and clean out those gutters!


With the warmer months, we find an array of insects invading our homes. Pests, such as millipedes, do not mean to come inside but have no choice when such things as a sprinkler system raise the water table. Try to cut back on watering so much, and again rake that mulch away from your home’s foundation. Doing so will help control not only millipedes, but many other casually invading pests too!

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