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F & F provides the most innovative termite control products and methods available in our industry. For instance, some of the chemicals currently being utilized by our firm for termite control include both Premise 75, manufactured by Bayer, and Termidor, manufactured by BASF Corporation, manufactured by Whitmire. Remember... the termite control product or method used is only as good as the applicator. Chose your termite and pest control company wisely!

Many changes are taking place in our industry. Controlling pests is not something to be done haphazardly, or without thought and preparation. Today, we know what the aftermath of chemical runoff can mean. We understand that the welfare of our wildlife is just as important for this planet , as that of our children. There are more environmentally safe products, and applications, that can be utilized than ever before, which is something to be celebrated! Make sure the company you select for services shares this same mindset and concern ........for the future of our planet and all of her occupants.

One of the newest and most “cutting edge” termite control products are Bait Monitoring Systems, which are installed around the exterior perimeter of a structure’s foundation. F & F utilizes the Advance Bait Monitor System, manufactured by Whitmire. Unlike many of the competing products, Advance Bait Monitors allow for the use of liquid pesticides when appropriate. 

Household pest control includes programs geared to specific target pests, as well as preventative services to control a broad spectrum of invading insects. Some of the methods and products utilized include Power Spray Applications with a residual such as Tempo 20 WP, Dust Applications with Drione D, Max Force Bait Stations for roaches, and crack & crevice applications.

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